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Blood of Rome - Tomato Sauce 350g

Blood of Rome - Tomato Sauce 350g

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Blood of Rome - Lacto-Fermented Tomato Sauce 350g

Roman legions were the envy of the ancient world, their conquests saw them travel vast distances through unforgiving terrain. The health of their armies were next-level, ferments (handed down from the Tartarians) were what sustained them on long expeditions.

By fermenting tomatoes, they discovered on their travels and blending with medicinal herbs to create nutrient-harnessing accompaniments to the wild boar or pheasant the soldiers consumed as they prepared for battle.

Blood of Rome can be used as a sauce on meat, cooked and stirred into pasta or drizzled over salads as a gut-boosting, antioxidant packed, metabolic fire-starter. 

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